December 20, 2009

before the story ended

before the story ended (post sebelum ini udah disebutin apa yang telah berakhir), he sent me a message.

sampe sekarang saya masih menyimpan semua smsnya, harusnya ini sih ga usah diinget inget, tapi gapapalah kan suatu cerita ga bisa begitu aja dilupain, jadiin kenang-kenangan ajaa :). sms yang masih saya simpan berjumlah 222 sms. angka yang bagus dengan akhir cerita yang tidak bagus.
sms terakhir yang masih saya simpan, isinya :

"I believe i'll find peace in afterlife, please don't question why. I left this way cause I can't feel my face, I won't struggle on, in a world so cold"

i know that it's a song lyric, I heard that song before, because he told that he's very interested to the band . hmm.. yeah, that's his last message, the 222nd message from him. ga tau deh kenapa message terakhirnya isinya itu, udah ga mikirin lagi..

good bye .. welcome to the new story...

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